North Creek Regional Park

It is a tremendous challenge keeping a balance between humans and nature. After all – humans are a vital part of nature. Last Saturday our class took a lovely walk on a boardwalk that is part of North Creek Park. I have to say it was very interesting as parts of the boardwalk had several inches of standing water from overflow of the wetland.


The park hosted good signage that educated people on the importance of wetlands. At one point we stopped for a lecture and a father and his young daughter stayed to listen as our professor explained that she had personally seen or heard of all of the animals listed on the signpost having been witnessed in the wetland. (My personal favorite is the dragonfly.)


In addition, we discussed how some of the vegetation was native such as spirea or red dogwood…

IMG_1215 IMG_1197

…and that other was invasive such as the reed canarygrass that was originally seen as a beneficial vegetation that stabilized banks – but is now known to be invasive – and perhaps destructive in a wetland.


The most notable part of this wetland is that it is flanked by apartments and condos which could threaten its longevity through pollution or other human impacts.

The original farm is for sale – in case anyone out there with a few hundred thousand dollars wants to buy it and maybe give it back to nature.


Take a walk through this beautiful wetland. Pack it in – pack it out. Hear, smell, and see nature. From the tiny vegetation growing on the water surface – to the dragonflies. If you are really lucky – maybe you will see a beaver!





Closing thoughts… it is important to create human habitats such as nature boardwalks where we can see, smell, hear and learn about wetlands. But – at what cost? Human appreciation contributes to preserving natural areas such as this but, in so doing, aren’t also trespassing on nature?




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