Becoming a part of history…

OK so I am super excited… My husband and I are hoping to volunteer in the building of a nature trail at McCollum Park. See more in the article by the Everett Herald.

Adopt a Stream Foundation has volunteer opportunities to help build a boardwalk through the wetlands of McCollum Park in Everett, Wa. You too – yes you! can help and become a part of history.

Adopt a Stream (Links to an external site.) is a national program developed by Delta Laboratories (a non-profit organization) that encourages anyone to create a local program to take care of a stream in their own community. Their mission:

“Delta Laboratories, Inc is a not for profit environmental organization that provides education, guidance and resources for communities and individuals in order to preserve and protect our natural resources and the environment.”

In our own backyard…Tom Murdoch heads a local chapter. UW Alum Marian Hanson is also involved in the project and she is so generous with her time that she is willing to be available for students such as myself to see what is going on with this project.

Note: I am not certain who was the first organization to create Adopt A Stream. The EPA lists Delta Laboratories but I have been unable to find out if they are indeed the parent organization for the United States.

Of course I am jumping ahead imagining taking my (non-existent at this point) grandchildren for a walk through this park and explaining how I helped remove invasive plants and plant native ones…

These types of opportunities are what make school cool!

Photos to follow – once we are fully engaged with the muck!


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